a m y s a c k s t e d e r



Dialog of Distance

Group exhibition curated by Brooks Harris Stevens, MAD Centre Gallery, Tirana, Albania (forthcoming spring 2017)

Flint Magazine

Five collages featured in collaborative publication by Sensate Journal, goodgood design, and DittoDitto; featured artwork, Issue 1.; Detroit, MI (forthcoming 2017)


Detroit Sequential: A Comic Strip Project

Custom comic created, curated and edited by Ryan Standfest, Detroit, MI; exhibition of original comics and supporting generation materials at Signal Return, Detroit, MI, March 2017

Amy Sacksteder: Easement

Solo exhibition, Flora Kirsch Beck Gallery, Alma College, Alma, MI

Faculty Research Fellowship

Winter 2017 Semester Teaching Release Award and Funding, Eastern Michigan University

Fiction (With Only Daylight Between Us), v2

Group exhibition of 11 x 8.5 inch printouts revealing aspects of studio practice, curated by Jeffrey Cortland Jones, traveling and online: Corridor Projects (Divisible), Dayton, OH; Boeker Contemporary, Heidelberg, Germany; Angelika Studios, High Wycombe, UK; and on Curating Contemporary.com, 2016