a m y s a c k s t e d e r

Paintings and collages from the 2019-2020 series Grounded / Ungrounded. Installed in the three-person exhibition Borrowed Time at the University Gallery at Western Illinois University in 2020.

“An odd thing, souvenir-hunting: now becomes then even while it is still now. 

You don’t really believe you’re there, and so you nick the proof, or something you mistake for it.”

-Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin


Amy Sacksteder’s paintings, drawings, collages, and installations explore artifacts as vehicles of human connection to specific places and occurrences. Compelled by our interactions with the land and landscape, she investigates the personal, environmental, and political significances of place. Sacksteder has recently been exploring fences as interrupters of vantages and direct movement and as signals of imposed safety. She silver leafs hand-cut paper fences, allowing the entropy of tarnish to continue acting upon the pieces after they leave the studio.


Sacksteder’s work has been featured and reviewed in journals such as New American Paintings and the Chicago Tribune. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally at venues such as The Front (New Orleans); Polis University (Tirana, Albania); Signal Return (Detroit); Neon Heater (Findlay, OH); Popps Packing (Hamtramck, MI); the Drawing Room (Budapest); SÍM Gallery (Reykjavík); and KunstraumTapir (Berlin); Grizzly Grizzly (Philadelphia); The Urban Institute for Contemporary Art (Grand Rapids); and Threewalls (Chicago). She has attended artist residencies in Illinois, Newfoundland, Southern France, Philadelphia, Budapest, Reno, Reykjavík, and Berlin.


In 2011 Amy Sacksteder curated the international exhibition Island: 22 Artists on Iceland at Eastern Michigan University and 'CAVE Gallery in Detroit, and in 2015 she co-curated Atmosphere: Artists' Responses to Space(s), again at EMU. She most recently co-curated another EMU exhibition, Vitrine, which ran in September / October 2018. Sacksteder and her family live in Ypsilanti, Michigan, outside of Detroit. She works from her studio in Ypsilanti, and is a professor in the School of Art & Design at Eastern Michigan University. 



contact: amy@amysacksteder.com